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Enhances the sound of a PC
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Customize your computer sound output with 3D surround, dynamic boost and other sound quality enhancement effects within the intuitive interface and with a Mix Magazine multiband equalizer included.

DFX can enhance your listening experience by allowing the customization of the sound output. In many aspects, this tool works just like the equalizer controls available in most media players; however, the changes you make don´t affect the audio output of an application but of the entire system instead.

The program has a very straightforward interface, as well as two visual modes and various skins to choose from. It has a spectrum analyzer that shows the overall audio output in ten frequency bands. There are controls that are intended to personalize the audio by removing noise, adding 3D effects, minimizing distortion or increasing bass frequencies (Fidelity, Ambience, 3D Surround, Dynamic Boost and Hyperbass). If you´re not an expert, it´s probably better to rely on any of the available presets, which are configured for various musical genres and listening environments. And more than just that, the tool allows you to associate a preset to a specific song so that DFX equalizer parameters are automatically set when that file is being played. Finally, the application lets you pick a general listening mode from Music Type I, Music Type II and Speech.

All in all, DFX is perfect for improving the quality of your computer audio output. It has the main advantage of modifying sound parameters independently of the application you’re using for playback. Therefore, it´s ideal for watching videos on your web browser or boosting sound effects in games. However, you should know that the software accompanying sound cards may allow for the same actions.

Pedro Castro
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  • It’s easy to use
  • It affects the sound of the entire system
  • It produces very nice results


  • The installer may force you to install undesired applications
  • The trial version is too limited and doesn’t allow you to test advanced features
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